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We digitalize accreditation at your event

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We digitalize accreditation at your event

Why should you have an accreditation system in place for your event? The answer is simple: It helps to ensure that only authorized people are allowed access to the event. This can help to protect both attendees and crew members. What’s more, it also helps streamline event operations by allowing staff to quickly and easily identify who is authorized to access certain areas.


How does accreditation work?

The process of accreditation can vary from event to event but typically involves the issuance of identification cards or badges to anyone who is not a ticket-purchasing attendee (i.e. staff, press, vendors, catering, etc.). This identification card or badge then serves as proof that the individual has been properly vetted and approved by the organizers of the event. The best way to speed up the check-in process and avoid potential problems with badges is pre-registration via an easy-to-use online accreditation platform. 

Why choose GET?

The GET accreditation solution is designed to significantly simplify the accreditation process at your event. Coming from the event business ourselves, we know what matters and have the experience and expertise to make sure your event runs smoothly – no matter the size and complexity! 

Fast onboarding and approval 

Our accreditation system allows you to quickly get all relevant stakeholders on board for your event and lets you take the wheel while the approval process runs in the background.

Customized accreditation portal 

Customize your portal and create an individual registration screen for each role separately. After stakeholders have successfully submitted all required data, the accreditation application is ready for you to approve. 

Scannable barcodes for registrants

Upon successful approval, an accreditation confirmation with a scannable barcode is sent to the registrant. This allows them to enter the event venue much faster and spares them a lengthy check-in process. 

Flexible access control

Authorized stakeholders can be approved for access only to certain areas – no more guesswork who is allowed to enter where. By the way: Be sure to also check out our access control solutions! 

Benefits of effective stock management 

As an event manager, you're always looking for ways to improve the experience for your attendees. One way to do this is by ensuring that your event staff are accredited. 


When your event staff are accredited, it's easier to control who enters and exits certain areas. This can help improve safety and security. 

Enhanced customer

Accredited event staff are better equipped to deal with customer enquiries or problems that may arise. This can help improve customer service overall.

of mind 

Knowing who has access to your venue and certain areas within the event makes the entire process more enjoyable and allows you to focus on other aspects of your event.

GET in action!

That all sounds too good to be true? Check out our showcases to see our products in action.

Modules in action

cashless, access, staff

150 ticket scanner

at 4 check-in points

650 point-of-sale

devices simultaneously

Post- and pre-payment

in parallel use at the event

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Level up your accreditation process with GET!

Contact us to discuss your event requirements and schedule a product demo with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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