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We digitalize events - your 360° event solution.

Cashless Payment
& Access Control
for your event

We are Europe's leading technology provider for events, helping you simplify event organization and improve customer experience with our data-driven solutions.
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Why us?

Why us?

100% offline

If our devices are offline, the show will go on. All online functions are available as soon as the Internet connection is successfully restored.

Focus on

Our system is designed to maximize flexibility. No on-site cables or servers are required, and our hardware works in a mix-and-match approach.


We have only one central platform running on each device. Therefore, each device can operate each module and this simplifies the operation at the event 

Open for

Our development approach is based on openness & we believe in integrations. Many major partners are already integrated via our bidirectional API.

Cashless Payment
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Easy payment process

Our system is designed for flexibility and a seamless event experience. You decide how visitors can top up their chip with credit, either via online pre-topup, on-site topup or self-service stations with cash, credit or debit cards or post-pay function.

Cashless Payment

The key to Cashless Payments is reliability and security. That's why we focused on an offline-first approach when developing the software to guarantee a smooth process. All info is stored on the chip and synchronized by the device when it is online. 

Increase your
event's revenue

Reduced waiting time, faster transactions and convenient top-up & refund request increase the average spend per head.

Ready for open-loop
or hybrid solution

Our system allows you to make open-loop payments or a hybrid solution together with closed-loop RFID payments.

Designed for
easy usage

We focused on speed & simplicity when designing our product, a 3-step process is enough from order to check-out.

100% offline
if closed-loop

If you choose a closed-loop system, visitors can pay even without internet connection, because all the info is stored on the chip.

Multiple top-up
options available

We provide a wide range of options: pre-top-up, on-site, online top-up, on-site self-service-station (cash & debit/credit card).


All our devices communicate via WIFI or M2M sim with our server and  synced real time to the cloud available for reporting.

Access Control

Ticket validation

With the push of a button the  barcode of the electronic or hard ticket is scanned, our device checks its validity and shows the status with a red or green indicator. All ticket information is stored on the device and synchronized with the cloud when online. 

Access Control

Significantly improve the event experience with our customized Access Control solution that enables visitors to enter the venue faster. We are Europe's leading partner for major events and perform from simple to complex.  

Ticketing partners

We have already integrated many ticketing partners and will integrate others too if needed for your event.

Central platform for
ticketing data

Once ticketing data is connected, you have all the data in one platform to gain relevant insights from your crowd.

Flexible zoning &
capacity control

With our flexible hardware solution, you can easily zone the entire venue and perform side events while managing limits..

Covid-19 regulation

Our system is able to comply with the current Covid-19 regulations and Greencheck validation is done with a simple QR code scan.


We've built an integrated accreditation platform with a simple approval process to keep you in control.


Our SmartGates can be mounted on a turnstile and automatically triggers the arm release with a simple tap & go.


Order - Cash register

We are based in Austria and have a cash register regulation since 2016, so we already have extensive experience with cash registers and our system is perfect to equip an event or venue with cash registers. 

Our handhelds are designed for simple usage and are perfect for complex event environments with flexible demand for devices. Shifting your crew from one POS to another is easy.

Additional Modules


Our accreditation system allows you to quickly get all relevant stakeholders on board for your event and lets you take the wheel while the approval process runs in the background.

Customize your portal and create an individual registration screen for each role separately. After successfully submitting all required data, the accreditation application is ready for you to approve. Upon successful approval, an accreditation confirmation with a scannable barcode is sent to the registrant.


Staff management

Our devices come with a handy feature. Track the hours of the entire crew through simple check-in and check-out function. At the beginning of a shift, the employee taps the RFID wristband against the manager's phone to start recording the hours. Lunch breaks are recorded automatically if the crew catering is entered/exited via our gates. 


In our portal, you have a great overview of the hours performed at your event and you can analyze the data to evaluate additional revenue potential. 

Soution video


OMR festival 2019

Modules in action

cashless, access, staff

150 ticket scanner

at 4 check-in points

650 point-of-sale

devices simultaneously

Post- and pre-payment

in parallel use at the event

Electric Love Festival 2018

Modules in action

cashless, access, staff, stock

70 ticket scanner

for access check & supermarket

1.250 point-of-sale

devices simultaneously

Self-service beer container

test case of our in-house innovation  

Active industries

Our solution is highly versatile and therefore a great fit for various industries. We have successfully provided our soft- and hardware at corporate events with thousands of visitors, trade shows and conferences. If you want to learn more about the solutions we offer for the industries, please contact us via the below contact form,

Festival Crowd








Conferences /

Dewy Stadium Seats at Sunrise

Stadium /

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Contact us

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