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We digitalize events - your 360° event solution.

Our intuitive and
powerful stack of tools
and technologies 

Your 360° solution for events

Have GET take care of details such as cashless payment, access control, and accreditation, so you can focus on the big picture – and on what’s really important: delivering an outstanding event experience! 

We digitalize events


Make transactions more efficient. 

  • various top-up options

  • ready for open- & closed-loop

  • customizable event portal

  • 100% offline capability


Manage crowd flows.

  • easy “tap & go” system

  • central platform for ticketing data

  • flexible zoning

  • handheld scanner & turnstile integration


Streamline checking in various stakeholders.

  • fast onboarding and approval

  • customized accreditation portal

  • scannable barcodes for registrants


Get full control over your stock levels.

  • full control over stock levels

  • integrates with GET Cashless Payment

  • unlimited warehouses and POS


Keep track of employee hours.

  • easy check-in/check-out

  • convenient handheld devices 

  • special gates for crew catering

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