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Cashless Payment
powered by GET

We digitalize the payment processes at your event

Cashless payment systems are the way of the future. They provide a more efficient, secure and cost-effective way to pay for goods and services. And they also offer a number of other benefits that make them ideal for events.

By eliminating the need to carry cash or process payments at the POS, organizers can save time and money, while attendees enjoy a smoother, more seamless event experience. Find out now how to streamline the payment processes at your event!

Self-Service-Station Cash | Global Event Technologies

How does cashless payment work?

H2: How does cashless payment work?
A cashless payment system is exactly what it sounds like: It’s an easy way to make transactions without using cash. Event attendees don’t have to carry around banknotes or coins, and their on-site experience becomes much more enjoyable and secure.

To track transactions, the system uses RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. Visitors top up their account before the event using a credit or debit card, PayPal or other standard online payment method. Then, they can use that account to make purchases on site at the POS. In this regard, an important distinction is often made between open-loop and closed-loop systems.


What’s the difference between open-loop and closed-loop systems?

A closed-loop system is one in which RFID mediums are the only payment option at the POS. In an open-loop system, credit cards or debit cards may be used as well. Global Event Technologies offers both along with hybrid solutions combining the two. 

Benefits of a closed-loop system

100% offline

Internet outages on site do not affect the functionality of the system.


Only one device is required (no need for additional payment terminals).

Quick and easy 
payment process

A faster payment process leads to more consumption per visitor.

Fewer transaction

No transaction fees for individual transactions.


Better insights into visitor

buying behavior.


All of the above result

in a revenue increase.

Why choose GET?

Having many years of experience as event organizers ourselves, we know what matters and what to look out for when delivering the perfect event experience. Our cashless payment system is the ideal solution for music events, conferences and conventions, trade fairs, corporate events or sports events of all sizes. So you can rest assured that payment will never be an issue and everything goes as planned.

Easy payment process

Our system is designed for flexibility and a seamless event experience. When developing our product, we focused on speed and simplicity. A 3-step process is all it takes to go from order to checkout.

Various top up options

You decide how visitors can top-up their chip – either via online pre-top-up, on-site top-up or self-service stations with cash, credit or debit cards or post-pay function. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Ready for open & closed loop

We understand the different needs of event organizers, and our solution is ready to run an open-loop, closed-loop, or hybrid payment system. We have integrated all major payment providers and are open to discussing additional options to meet your requirements.

Customized event portal

The event portal is our platform that allows visitors to make an online pre-top-up before the event, purchase an upgrade for a ticket (if enabled by the organizer) and view all payment transactions with the invoice for download. The portal can be customized to match the CI of the event.

_K7A9382_Jan Pyko_FOF22_Atmos_25_edited.jpg
Self service stations

Our self-service stations (SSS) developed in-house for topping up the RFID medium are the heart of our cashless payment system. They are fully outdoor-compatible and can be equipped with a card terminal or a lockable cash deposit.

100% offline capability

We focused on an offline first approach when developing our software to guarantee a smooth process. In a closed-loop system, visitors can pay even without an Internet connection, because all information is stored on the chip and synchronized by the device as soon as it is online.

All in one platform

We have only one central platform running on each device. This allows you to combine various solutions such as cashless payment, access control or staff management [GF2] without the need for additional hardware.

Live and after event reporting

All our devices communicate via WiFi or M2M SIM card with our server and are synced in real time to the cloud. This increased transparency leads to insights into customer buying behavior from which actionable measures for future events can be derived.

Benefits of using cashless payment for your event

When it comes to events, cashless payment systems offer a number of benefits that can make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Benefits for event organizers


Cashless systems can help to speed up transactions and reduce lines at the POS. This increases the average spend per head.


The event portal is a great tool for upselling visitors on various products in the time leading up to the event.

Fewer transaction

Closed systems allow you to save money on transaction fees as there will be a greater number of large transactions and fewer smaller ones.

No need to
print receipts

Customer receipts are available for download in the event portal. Receipts don’t have to be printed anymore. This saves paper, reduces waste, and helps visitors track their spending.

Improved analytics
& future learnings

You’ll be able to track and analyze visitors' transactions. This helps you better understand your customers purchasing habits and thus create more compelling offers in the future.

Reduced need for
on-site staff

Less staff is required to handle and oversee cash transactions – either directly at concession stands and merch tables or at the self-service top-up stations.

Benefits for attendees


Cashless payment streamlines the purchase process. Visitors never have to worry about bringing cash or their cards. Reduced waiting times improve the event experience.

Greater protection
from theft or loss

Cashless systems eliminate the need to carry large amounts of cash. This can be a big advantage in terms of security, as it can minimize the risk of theft or loss.


Since all receipts can be accessed via the event portal, there is no possibility of losing a receipt or forgetting a purchase.

GET in action!

That all sounds too good to be true? Check out our showcases to see our products in action.

Modules in action

cashless, access, staff

150 ticket scanners

at 4 check in points

650 point of sale

devices simultaneously

Post and pre-payment

in parallel use at the event

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Level up your payment processes with GET!

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