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We digitalize events - your 360° event solution.

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About Global Event Technologies

Global Event Technologies (GET) is all about providing cutting-edge, user-friendly solutions for the event industry. The company was founded in 2017 by two event professionals who set out to find better ways to manage and execute the many different aspects of an event – a grand vision and challenging endeavor by two individuals who have always dared to dream big. Since then, GET has grown to become one of the most respected event technology companies in the industry.

As a team, our strength lies in our curiosity: By seeking out new opportunities to explore novel technologies, we are able to deliver creative solutions that are miles ahead of the competition. 

We digitalize events.
If there is one thing that defines us, it's that we don't just provide technologies – we create meaningful experiences through passion, innovation and trustworthiness.

Tim Moser, CEO of Global Event Technologies

Our founders

Tim Moser - CEO - Global Event Technologies

Tim Moser


Tim is a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of event promoter experience.

Julian Nischler - CTO - Global Event Technologies

Julian Nischler


Julian is the technical mastermind behind GET and is the main driver for innovation.

A look back in time - the birth of GET

In 2013, a young 25-year-old Tim Moser was able to fulfill his big dream of organizing his own festival: the Electric Love Festival. In three short years and with only a small team to help him, he was able to turn his dream into one of the biggest EDM festivals in Europe. But that’s of course not where the story ends. 

At the second Electric Love Festival, a need for increased productivity, less workload and improved data management arose. Yet, even after exhaustive research, he couldn’t find a system that optimally fit his needs. The simple but not so easy solution to this dilemma? Develop one himself! He joined forces with Julian Nischler, and together they came up with GET Cashless Payment in only two short months. 

An idea that took off

They debuted their system at the Electric Love Festival 2015 – the first-ever event where GETCashless paymentswhat used. This was a major breakthrough because it allowed event-goers to pay for things without having to carry around cash, and it made the event much safer and more enjoyable. After this successful implementation, Spielberg and other notable clients took notice of what GET was doing, and soon the company was founded to provide their groundbreaking services to the world of events. 


GET now – a force to be reckoned with

Since then, GET has continued to innovate. The company developed a plug-and-play system consisting of a stack of innovative tools and technologies that simplify event management and improve customer experience. The fact that it is already being used at major events throughout Europe shows that GET is a force to be reckoned with in the event industry – now and in the future!

Team spirit and innovation

The success of Global Event Technology is not only due to the dedication of its founders but also to the unique working atmosphere they have cultivated within the organization. Our culture is one of teamwork, respect, and professionalism. All team members are encouraged to express their opinions freely and actively contribute ideas from day one. This has resulted in a team spirit that thrives on the development of groundbreaking solutions to previously complex problems. 

“Our team members work as a unit throughout all aspects of planning and execution, often going above and beyond what is expected from them. This shared sense of enthusiasm allows us to consistently reach new heights when it comes to innovation and customer satisfaction.”- Tim Moser, CEO of Global Event Technologies


Careers at GET

Want to shape the future of events with us? come and join our diverse team of experts and visionaries! We look forward to hearing from you!

Level up your processes with GET!

Contact us to discuss your event requirements and schedule a product demo with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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