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Access Control
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When planning an event, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing the right access control system. As the world becomes more crowded, it’s becoming increasingly important to be able to control who enters events, venues, and other places of interest. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the bottom line is that without some form of access control, it’s easy for unwanted people or objects to get in where they don’t belong. This is where access control comes in.


How does access control work? 

An access control system is designed to identify and filter out unauthorized guests, making it easier for event organizers to keep their spaces safe and secure. It can help manage crowds and keep track of who is coming and going. This, in turn, improves the event experience for visitors by reducing lines and shortening wait times. Additionally, access control can help ensure that only attendees who have paid for admission are able to enter the event, thereby reducing losses for the event organizer.

But which options are available for access control and how do they differ? Let's find out! 

Access control - from simple to sophisticated

There are a number of different ways to implement an access control system – ranging from simple ticket validation to advanced options that include access checks for different event zones.


Ticket validation

At the push of a button, the barcode of the electronic or hard ticket gets scanned. The device checks the ticket's validity and communicates the status via a red or green light. All the ticket information is stored on the device and synchronized with the cloud when online.


Ticket swap to RFID

If the ticket was successfully validated, all access rights and permissions are stored on the device. By tapping an RFID wristband against it, the info is transferred to the RFID chip and the wristband can be put on the visitor.


Access checks

Visitors can use their RFID wristband to access the zones they are allowed to enter with a simple “tap & go”. Organizers can choose between mobile devices or stationary solutions using SmartGates (with or without connected turnstiles).

Why choose GET?

Global Event Technologies is Europe's leading partner for major events. Having many years of experience as event organizers ourselves, we know how crucial a well-functioning and customizable access control system is - and that's exactly what we set out to provide to our customers. No matter the size and complexity of your event, whether it's a small corporate gathering or a large music festival: We've got the right solution for you! 

Easy “tap & go” system

Tap & green = go! Tap & red = no access! It's as simple as that. This makes it easier for your security personnel to know exactly who gets to enter where and is especially helpful if they frequently change positions and work in different locations at the event.

Many ticketing partners integrated

With GET, the choice is yours. We are committed to making your event a success. That's why we have already integrated numerous ticketing partners and are happy to integrate others if needed for your event. Just let us know your requirements! 

Central platform for ticketing data

Once ticketing data is connected, you have all the data in one easy-to-use platform. This enables you to gain rich insights about your crowd and allows you to improve the overall event experience for future attendees. 

Flexible zoning & access options

With our flexible hardware solution and wireless design approach, you can easily zone your event according to your needs, even if you have multiple venues spread across the city. Different access options (e.g. single entry or multiday entry) can be mapped separately for each zone.

Crowd & capacity management

By controlling the number of people who enter any given zone at one time, you can make sure that your event doesn't get too crowded and chaotic. You'll avoid problems that might arise from too many visitors in one area, thus ensuring a more enjoyable event experience for everyone involved.

Integrated platform for crew accreditation

GET offers an integrated accreditation platform with a simple approval process. This makes it easy for you to quickly get all relevant stakeholders on board for your event and stay in control while the approval process runs in the background. 

Handheld scanners & turnstiles

Our portable, handheld devices offer maximum flexibility, while our SmartGates are the perfect stationary access solution. The SmartGates integrate with a variety of turnstiles from different manufacturers where they automatically trigger the arm release via a simple “tap & go”.

Live monitoring & crowd tracking

Keep track of your event in real time with live monitoring for all areas. Our customizable dashboard provides valuable data to help you manage your event and make important decisions on the spot and as required – including capacity management, temporary limits, and more. 

Benefits of using access control at your event

There are many benefits to implementing an access control system at your event – both for you as an event organizer and your attendees.

Benefits for event organizers and attendees

Fast access
control & entry

Our customized access control solution allows visitors to enter the venue even faster. Short wait times make for a more pleasant event experience for visitors and security staff.

Crowd flow

Overcrowding and congestion can cause a whole host of problems. An access control system allows you to limit how many people are allowed to enter an area at any given moment.

Increased safety
& security

Whether you are planning a small gathering or a large-scale international event, access control can be a valuable addition to your event security plan.

Ticket fraud

By ensuring that only attendees who have paid for admission are able to enter the venue, event organizers incur fewer losses from people sneaking in with a fake ticket or no ticket at all.

Less crime
and vandalism

Preventing unauthorized people from entering the venue reduces the risk of theft, vandalism, and other crimes. Knowing who is on site, helps to accelerate the investigation if something happens. 

Improved analytics
& future learnings 

Monitoring crowd flows not only helps event organizers make important decisions as the event progresses but also lets them draw valuable conclusions from the data for future events.

GET in action!

That all sounds too good to be true? Check out our showcases to see our products in action.

Modules in action

cashless, access, staff

150 ticket scanners

at 4 check in points

650 point of sale

devices simultaneously

Post and pre-payment

in parallel use at the event

Interested in other event solutions? Have a look!


Level up your access control with GET!

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